The Daniel Fast

A word about our upcoming Daniel Fast: To all that will be joining us on this fast please keep in mind this fast is about decreasing the flesh and increasing the spiritual aspects of our lives. We are presenting ourselves with a challenge of the Daniel Fast as a means to grow closer to the Lord. If we spend time pouring over recipes and scrutinizing one another’s choices, we have lost the battle against the flesh before it even begins. Paul said, “I die daily.” Jesus said we must take up our cross “daily” and follow Him. When is the last time we picked up the cross? When is the last time we died to our selfish motives, appetites, and fleshly desire on a daily basis? That alone should sting us all!
Please, as your pastor, and as your friend, I implore you to let this Daniel Fast work for your spirit, not your flesh. Allow the spiritual aspects to come to the forefront. Sure, find some good recipes, but don’t pour over so many spectacular and tasty recipes appealing to the flesh, that you take time away from your spiritual growth to be had in your prayer, Bible reading/study, and fasting.
Pastor R. S. Lewis II